Manufacturer Promotions and Incentives

Working with a distribution channel means manufacturers are constantly competing with other manufacturers for the mind share of the distributor location. Distributors are an extension of your sales force, adding thousands of employees who daily have the opportunity to sell your products and grow your business.

Your sales force or rep agency can never truly replicate the distributor sales force, and in particular distributors can focus on the smaller, more profitable customers that improve margins and diversity your customer base. Therefore it is imperative to have a means to access the distributor workforce and help them make you successful. After all, your success is also their success.

Jigsaw has two decades of experience working with distributor work forces. We can facilitate all manner of channel engagement strategies, utilizing reporting, analysis, web infrastructures, incentives, promotions, training, co-op funds and more.

Channel led sales represent a larger portion of your current revenues than you may think and accounts for a significant portion of your profits. Expanding that base of sales can be one of the most productive growth strategies you implement as an organization. Contact us to learn how we can help you engage with your channel and improve your financial success.