Point of Sale

Jigsaw’s Point-of-Sale Module makes capturing and examining sales transaction information from your distribution channel easy to accomplish.  Our web-based module enables distributor users to upload their own data via pre-programmed NAED or NEDA data templates, or via a Point-of-Sale format that is unique to your organization.  

The system identifies new and existing customers and automatically ‘cleanses’ incorrect SKU records before forwarding them to the platform’s online dashboard. The platform, which can be accessed by both your distributors and your internal sales force:  

  1. Provides an analytics page on each customer, documenting their sales over the past 24 months
  2. Breaks down of their sales by product category, along with other key performance metrics
  3. Generates compensation reports and validates customer data (including ensuring a correct address, customer market categorization and identifying customer accounts that are part of a larger corporate entity)   Jigsaw’s Point-of-Sale Module is currently being used by more than 120 distributors in the US and Canada.