Stock Advantage (Inventory)

Our Stock Advantage Module enables you to monitor the behavior and operational cost of your stock ordering process. And by helping you identify unnecessary operational costs (due to the behavior encouraged by most distributors’ stock replenishment platforms), Jigsaw’s Stock Advantage module enables you to achieve significant operational savings.

Stock Advantage (Inventory)

The module identifies key inefficient behaviors that may otherwise go unnoticed:

  1. Ordering the same item more frequently than necessary
  2. Not supporting an appropriately diverse range of product
  3. Inconsistent and unreliable fulfillment from stock
  4. Unnecessary product transfers and material handling
  5. Items that should be sold off or returned to manufacturers

A proactive inventory

Current inventory systems are basically reactive–triggered by sales and customer demand. This means that your customers are forced to put up with disruptions in their supply until your inventory system catches up. But what if you could accurately predict their needs? Or understand the potential hidden in the product lines you’re currently selling?

By analyzing your business to arrive at a best-in-class profile, our module can help you identify the breadth and depth of products needed to proactively maximize sales and revenue opportunities with individual manufacturers and product lines.

Increase sales. Reduce Costs. Eliminate redundant inventory. And set up your business for tomorrow, rather than yesterday. All by using our Stock Advantage system.