Driving Customer Engagement

With limited resources available, it is increasingly difficult to stay engaged with your customer base. While inside and outside sales can stay in touch with their target accounts, the vast majority of your accounts can go for long periods of time without receiving any personal contact from someone in your business. And, conversely, customers do not have the same availability for relationship building that they once did.

Fertile Ground

While you may find that 80% of your revenues rests with 20% of your customers, those remaining smaller accounts represent your future. They are typically the first place you look to grow sales and expand your operations. It’s rare that a distributor gets 100% of one of its customer’s purchases, so moving more of your customer’s wallet share to your business is an effective and affordable way to increase your market share.

There are several methods at your disposal to engage with your expanded customer base: product gap analysis, access to scorecards and key performance indicators, telemarketing, incentives and rewards, new product introductions and so on. Each method, however, requires a common foundation–a deep understanding of the data behind your customers’ purchasing patterns and a methodology to engage them in a cost effective manner.

New age of communications

Jigsaw’s customer extranet is one of the first in the Electrical Industry that allows you to harness the power of the internet. Beyond offering e-commerce alone, now you can market, promote and educate your customer base on the benefits of working with your organization. Learn more about your customers and their needs, and in turn help them understand all the products, services and support your company can provide. Easily launch targeted customer incentives, gain access to incitement reporting and analysis, and measure the engagement levels of your customers.

With our Customer Engagement Tools you can gain a huge advantage over your competitors in the marketplace. Our strongest client generates over $100 million in new revenues annually simply by utilizing our system. What can we do for your organization?